Well it has been awhile since the layoffs at Riverbed, I’ve had many an interview but I was finally extended a formal offer, and the other two places that I had in mind fizzled out, so I’ll likely be taking this. The unfortunate part is I will be commuting down to San Jose from Concord again, in the end it isn’t horrible, I have some folks I will carpool with as they work down the road, so it will almost be like public transit! I should be able to catch up more on reading my sysadmin and programming books, as we’ll be spending ~1.5 hours on the road each way, which is a lot of time, but I’ll be in good company. The good parts, the staff seem pretty awesome, and I know a lot of folks who work at the place as well from a previous job. The office is nice and the work I’ll be doing is more in the realm of what I want to do rather than only some of what I want to do, which is more scripting, tool building, automation, process control, as well as some other fun stuff. Plus it is a big pay bump from my last position, so it brings me up to where I feel I am worth as a professional, hopefully as I progress they keep up with merit increases and incentives to stay. I prefer to remain at a place and connect with the people around me rather than moving every 2 years to some new venture where I don’t know anyone.

Hopefully I’ll still have the energy to do plenty of programming and working on our games. I don’t anticipate not having the time or energy but really only time will tell. I’m really quite ready to get back to work, been on severance for almost 2 months, and while I’ve tried to progress myself professionally while unemployed actually using those skills is much more fun. So wish me luck!