Well it has been awhile since I posted last, lots of fun stuff going on but I’m going to try to keep it short. As I know some of the very few people who read this do not like walls of text, you know who you are…

So a friend and I have decided to try and spin up a motorcycle show on YouTube in the style of Top Gear (or former Top Gear anyway) where it is mostly a satire of reviews, but not completely, if that makes sense? It’ll mostly be fun to watch with some informative talks, but mostly just fun, light hearted humor. I’ll be sure to post some updates when we get an episode posted.

We lost our intern at the office last week, which made me sad, he was a good guy and was the only one I got to talk shop with in regards to programming. He will be going on to bigger and better things when he graduates, I only wish him good things to come. Hopefully we open some new positions on the team soon though, as he did take care of some rack-and-stack work for us too, and that is piling up quick.

Zac and I are trying to get back around to making some new stuff happen in Rabbots, it is more than slow going though as I have kinda lost my drive. Not the first time, and probably won’t be the last, but hopefully I can find it again and get rolling on this. I’d like to get a real, quality game out and have people play it. Stupid life getting in the way, why can’t I just make money doing nothing so I can get better at game development! Oh well, at least I am working towards that goal.

On that note LibGDX has been getting better and better, so hopefully I can make full use of it to do some awesome things. I need to push past the boring parts of our game, like collision detection, so I can get back to making awesome features.

And that’s long enough! Thanks for reading!